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Criminal Law

Best Criminal Lawyer in Bhopal

We provide affordable, cutting-edge & highest quality legal representation and defense against various criminal cases. We are passionate about consistently achieving notable results and maintaining a high level of client satisfaction. With our significant experience in handling criminal cases, dedication, and knowledge we are committed to providing outstanding results.
We consult you promptly and diligently from the beginning (from your first contact with us) to finish until we prove you innocent. We thoroughly informed you timely about all new developments regarding the progress of your case. Here are some of our practice areas : -

  • DUI Defense - First Offense DUI, Second Offense DUI, Extreme DUI, underage DUI, DUI with a child passenger, DUI causing injury, and aggravated DUI, and Extreme DUI With Prior Conviction.
  • Domestic Violence - Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Financial Abuse, and others.
  • Drug Crimes - dangerous drugs, narcotic drugs, and prescription-only drugs.
  • Violent Crimes - sex crimes, robbery, stalking, harassment, aggravated assault, extortion, terrorism, gun crimes, street gang crimes, homicide, and others
  • Theft - credit card fraud, business and commercial fraud, insurance fraud, government fraud, bribery, obstruction, perjury, false swearing, forgery and others
  • Minors - Theft charges range from shoplifting to felony theft, to passing bad checks, to embezzlement, among others.
  • White Collar - Non-violent offenses, IT industry related, theft, fraud and similar behavior, credit card fraud, business and commercial fraud, insurance fraud, bribery, obstruction, perjury, false swearing, forgery, and others.